We seek guidance from ancestral indigenous-based knowledge systems for cultural production & storytelling experiences through traditional, contemporary, & experimental media, music, film, & design.

The creative works of ADZKN help produce stories & media solutions, for the many dynamic layers of communities, organizations, businesses, & people.


The Aadizookaan is a dynamic group collaborating in various ways that specialize in multimedia productions, projects, services, events, products & installations, and the [ah-dihz-ooh-kahn] translates to “the sacred spirit of the story”, "the story/message/messenger" which is from the language of the Anishinabe [first nations people from the area of Detroit].


Our style is referred to as ADZKN (The Aadizookaan), which is a style of an artist who works the culture in very meaningful ways. The style of an ADZKN artist seeks to uplift the quality of life with their community as well as share their brilliant artist excellence in beautiful ways through ancestral technology & indigenous based knowledge systems that honors the heart, mind, body,

and spirit.


The Aadizookaan has pillars in music, film, design, & storytelling as an arts organization and multimedia production company.



We specialize in vibrant music that contributes to multiple cultures & lifestyles that promotes social change through educational & entertaining recordings, performances, installations, and musical productions. As we develop audio together, we can create cutting edge designs of what music or sound can produce artistically, academically, politically, culturally and socially.


We work on short film stories, documentaries, interviews, video summaries, & live productions that uplift the important stories of communities through visual art, video production & motion pictures. Our ADZKN team and artist network practice innovative visuals and special film making projects looking at creative works that range from narrative storytelling, behind the scenes access, special web series & features, highlighting films, filmmakers, the art of motion picture, and micro-stories.



We use a participatory design process, striving to actively involve all contributors in a community to help ensure the results meet collaborative needs and is accessible. In our intentional approach to community driven roles in organizing and developing our community together, we provide creative projects that are more responsive and appropriate to cultural, emotional, spiritual and practical needs. 



The Aadizookaan helps build & enhance the quality of life in a way that is rooted in indigenous knowledge systems & ancestral technologies from all over the world. One way to think of it is by looking at the Anishinaabe practice of wild ricing where individuals or families in their own canoes are working collaboratively for the growth and harvest that feeds and cares for the entire community. In this same way we work through collaboration, enhancing a support network of creative communities that works individually and collectively with rooted values to better the quality of life for our communities. Our team is creative with an ambitious hustle that believes in

using our multimedia to uplift narratives that are genuine and engaging. We value our stage, meaning we foster collaboration and mentorship amongst our skillshares. This is a commitment to one another as well as to the community as we share our gifts and talents to have a positive impact on the world.

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