daily squad goals

tuesday pt. 1

10/6 12-1:30 EST

How I Got Here:

A Space for intergenerational Healing

80 minutes 

A circle of Ritual and story sharing birthed from our Indigenous/ Afrikan solidarity:


What lessons did we learn from our parents?

How do we hold intergenerational healing within us? Who do we heal with?

How can we heal with our Ancestors?

How does Intergenerational Healing relate to colonization and sovereignty?


We will help open Indigenous Peoples’ Week as part of Sovereignty 101 Day. This will be a lead in for more Intergenerational Healing work for Spirit Plate event(s) at the end of binaakwe giizis.

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tuesday pt. 2

10/6 7pm EST

Indigenous Sovereignty 101 provides political education on defending the land, indigenous rights, land back, and self determination. 



10/7 5pm EST

The Food Sovereignty and Fine Arts Virtual Dinner will uplift sacred stories, food security and food justice, and our spiritual connection to the food as land defenders. 


10/8 7:15pm EST

Imagine if Columbus’ boats sank? We invite all our relations to join us in envisioning an alternate timeline for a land and people without genocide.



10/9 6pm to 9pm EST

The Indigenous Drumline is an in-person opportunity to build community and grassroots connections.


This day will feature movement music, and cultural exchange as we restore sacred connection with land, sound, and creative work.

saturday pt.1 

10/10 6pm to 9am to 3pm EST

The Baddies Brunch led by Camaria of March 4 Black Women Detroit is a day to support womxn in all capacities. It is a day of empowerment and standing up to systems of oppression to womxn and non-men known as patriarchy.


This day is about collective healing and building the divine feminine by supporting and caring for each other as womxn in movement spaces. Camaria says, “as a community we will let go of settler society's views of strong womxn by reclaiming our identity as sacred beings.”


saturday pt.2

10/10 6pm EST

The Sacred Cypher is an opportunity to discuss and share about indigeneity around the world. There will be an open mic portion hosted by Kazzy The Gypsy & Sacramento Knoxx followed by an evening of vibes and live DJ set with DJ Pollo Pasa.


10/11 3pm EST

The Medicine Exchange and Solidarity Ceremony will take place on Detroit’s East Side with land defenders from the Detroit Afrikan community & the Detroit Anishinaabe community. 


monday (indigenous peoples' day 2020)

10/12 5pm to 9pm EST

The Native Cinema will provide public education for land defenders, empower community building to protect the sacred, and revitalize the Anishinaabemowin (indigenous language of this land, Detroit) through the sacred spirit of the story. “The camera is a tool to transform

oppression into liberation.”