Artist | Cultural Worker | Social Entrepreneur
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Giizhigad [Christy B.] is an Anishinaabe Artist & cultural worker rooted in Southwest Detroit. She currently builds creatively and collaboratively with The Aadizookaan in the facets of music, dance, & mixed media design as a part of dynamic storytelling installations alchemizing the worlds we want to live in.  These aadizookanan [Sacred stories] transcend time and space by being rooted in both traditional and contemporary indigenous based knowledge systems. Her creative practice extends to design/visual arts as well as photography and film.

In addition to her creative practices, Christy is co-director with the Aadizookaan [ADZKN].  She is a social entrepreneur helping to shape the Aadizookaan’s work and practice. Specifically this is happening through a land-based project in Southwest Detroit to create a headquarters for the work to sustain and continue to flourish with community through artistic and cultural exchange.  She builds through organic collaboration, mentorship & facilitation within ADZKN, extending out all our relatives and interconnections on Turtle Island and around the world.

Inspire   -  Heal  -  Vision  -  Build


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