what up doe,

We wanted to share this opportunity to collaborate through technology & media literacy, in a music based project that will help connect media makers & layers of creative people throughout the city through storytelling and vision experiences. 

Squad Goals

media & technology literacy

music production & sound design

before there was this:

Anishinaabe memories


archive narratives (audio & video)


culture creation

community organizing


building emergent space


hiphop roots


connect community organizing circles in 4 sections of Detroit




 The project will be rooted in an indigenous based knowledge system for culture production and guided by an Anishinaabe lifestyle of visiting. When visiting our family and friends in the many layers of community we continue to build connections of humanity and connect the dots that improve the quality of life for our next generations coming to mother earth. The project will have a cross sectional approach featuring community organizing & activism, hip hop music production, and education through media & technology literacy throughout four sections of the city: North End, West side, Eastside, and the Southwest side.

The collaborative project will work with grassroots organizers, musicians, and educators in each section of the city to provide pop up workshop space and music production resources to create storytelling experiences using multimedia tools & the Anishinaabe visiting process. In addition to the visits, the project seeks to contribute to community based knowledge & education through multimedia & technology literacy using music production tools, controllers & accessories engaging with sound design technology & properties of activism. Recognizing largely disproportionate connections in our neighborhoods due to institutional racism and technology divides that causes miscommunication and inequity amongst many layers of community. The Aadizookaan will provide access to different modes of technology and teaching artists and build capacity for media-based organizing with our initiative.


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