We are working on building our home in Southwest Detroit with multimedia studios to continue to grow our storywork and our sustainability. Additionally it is an artist residency and international, national, regional, hyper-local cultural exchange space that will support artists in social practice as they visit Detroit to have an experience that is immersive and collaborative, respectfully building with the many layers of community here. We are creating a unique, organic live-work experience for artists while also embracing the Anishinaabe connection to the land in Detroit and rekindling interrelationship amongst people through our work in Music, Film, Design, & Storytelling.


  • To Facilitate Intentional & Authentic Cultural & Artistic exchanges in Southwest Detroit with the purpose of:

    • Inspiring local Artists & Entrepreneurs in their work

    • Preserve & grow the stories deeply rooted in Detroit

    • Create a unique, organic live-work experience for rooted and visiting artists

    • Build an interconnected web of artists & culture creators internationally, nationally, & hyper locally

  • Continue to grow the work of the Aadizookaan



    • Root ourselves in Indigenous/Ancestral Knowledge systems from all over the world

    • Promote Mental Emotional, Spiritual, and Physical Wellness through self-love, building community, and creation.

    • Uplifting the stories of the unheard and the many diverse layers of community


    • Produce creative works in the areas of:

      • Music

      • Film

      • Design

      • Storytelling


    • Entrepreneurial Mentorship

    • Facilitating builds between community & artists in residence

    • Offering access to our technology systems to apprenticing artists & media makers

    • Helping other groups, businesses & people to create media for the work the do in various projects.  


    • Community Events

    • Live Performances & Art Installations

    • Supporting Pop-Ups & Social Enterprise Startups


if you would like to support or need more information on the project, get in contact with the project coordinator:


Christy Bieber

313-444-9704 or email below


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